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What we do

Through art, music, and movement activities; making learning fun is the core of our preschool program. Our experienced teachers skillfully plan engaging learning activities that build upon what your child can do, encouraging and exploratin and creativity along the way. Children will gain basic knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.

Developmental Goals
Encourage the growth of children’s
•  Creative Exploration
•  Phonemic Awareness
•  Character Building
•  Fine Motor Shills

Important Information

  • Class size
    • 10 – 18 children
  • Child to Teacher Ratio
    • No more than 12 to 1
  • Five Components of Development
    • Physical: the changes in size, shape, and physical maturity of the body, including physical abilities and coordination.
    • Intellectual: the learning and use of language; the ability to reason, problem solve, and organize ideas; it is related to the physical growth of the brain.
    • Social: the process of gaining the knowledge and skills needed to interact successfully with others.
    • Emotional: feelings and emotional responses to events; changes in understanding one’s own feelings and appropriate forms of expressing them.
    • Moral: the growing understanding of right and wrong, and the change in behavior caused by that understanding; sometimes called a conscience.

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For more information about Hillcrest Christian Preschool Little Oaks Campus or to speak to one of our staff, please call 805-495-2537 or 805-495-5513.

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